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A Night in Shibuya

· Japan,City Walks,Food

Our first day in Tokyo was a shorter one with flights and trains involved. We decided to dive into the city and do the Shibuya neighborhood first. A long train ride to that side of town, and we were whisked in by the crowds and lights. After a day of snacking and airplane food, our first stop was dinner. We went to a department store restaurant, getting a hot pot dish of pork, noodles, and a light broth. They sprinkled lettuce over the top. They gave us a dish of dried fish as well, but none of us were feeling brave.

After dinner, we crossed with the sea of people at the famous intersection and made our way up to the 2nd floor of the Starbucks for a view of the action. The area is known for its high traffic of both people and vehicles. It's been featured many times in movies and TV. Being involved in the sea of people, nothing seemed out of place, everyone naturally zig-zagged avoiding each other as they made their way across, but watching it from up above it mesmerized me, but seemed unreal. Like a cartoon of people walking in giant droves.

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