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24 hours in Korea

A brief layover visiting friends

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Sunday was a one-day hangout with my friend in Korea. Sunday started by checking out of the hotel and going back to the airport. There are stashed my larger suitcase at a storage facility. Then it was time to see some sites.

We headed to Suwon to check out the Hwaseong Haenggung Palace. When we arrived there was a market taking place in the front grounds where we got a snack of glazed chicken. After we watched a reenactment of some royal ceremonies that were happening when we arrived. The music the band played was loud and a little flat, there were drums, horns, and seashells. When the reenactment finished we bought a ticket and walked around the grounds, it was fairly large and had different display cases showing clothing of the time and ceremonial items such as food and dishes. There was also a beautiful park behind the grounds to wander.

Afterwards, we headed to a well-known BBQ restaurant for a feast of marinated and fresh pork ribs. Korean BBQ is made at your table. You are served side dishes and condiments aplenty. To eat the BBQ you take a lettuce leaf, place a piece of meat on it, then put various chili sauces, onions, grilled garlic, and other things on top, roll it up when it's complete and eat.

Following so much walking and food, we got a bit sleepy and headed back to my friend's apartment. There we enjoyed some spicy chicken and a movie. Getting me well rested for my flight back to America.

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